Cannabis Industry Consulting

“We strive to be as innovative as our clients and the evolving cannabis industry which is inevitably integrating into the alcohol industry,”

Robert F. Lewis, Co-Founding Partner

The cannabis industry continuing its vast expansion and integration into mainstream alcohol production and sales.  Our attorneys have gained vast practical knowledge on the status of current laws governing medical and adult use cannabis products and current regulations prohibiting the use of cannabis and related products in alcoholic beverages.

The possession, manufacture and distribution of cannabis remains prohibited under federal law for both medical and adult use/recreational purposes by the Controlled Substances Act. The U.S. Department of Justice has issued several memoranda providing guidance on federal enforcement of cannabis prohibitions. Enforcement of federal law relating to cannabis manufacturing, possession, distribution and use activities is subject to the discretion of the various U.S. Attorneys in each jurisdiction across the United States. The issued memoranda are not a guarantee or promise of non-enforcement and do not serve as any approval or statement of recognition of the use of cannabis for medical or adult use/recreational purposes.

Our team’s services are limited to advising clients on status of cannabis prohibitions and compliance with current laws and regulations including all applicable and relevant federal laws and prohibitions.

Practice Highlights

  • Government relations including tracking state and federal lobbying effort relating to cannabis law changes and proposed amendments;
  • Regulatory compliance with current federal laws and prohibitions;
  • Legislation monitoring
  • Regulatory licensing and permitting as permitted by state and federal law
  • Administrative and criminal defense
  • Real property acquisition consulting and review of local land use regulations relating to any regulated product
  • Review and analysis of marketing and advertising programs for compliance with state and federal law

Notable Experience

Our founding partners have been actively engaged in the evolution of cannabis legislation and analysis of post-prohibition market development in compliance with state and federal laws.  Relying on practical experience with law enforcement, government agencies and legislative lobbying efforts for other regulated products, Spiritus Law provides in-depth representation that provides clients with a comprehensive review of current legal issues, status of laws and compliance recommendations.  Our experience includes:

  • Legislative consulting for proposed legislative proposals and amendments
  • Defense of criminal charges and civil forfeiture proceedings

Recent Hot Topics & Industry Trends

  • Social media and cannabis marketing: more compliance issues for new businesses
  • Legitimizing the industry: more lounges and public consumption outlets bring consumers together
  • Delays in enabling legislation frustrates growers and consumers throughout the U.S.
  • Growers are investing in branding efforts and navigating regulatory hurdles
  • Cannabis TV:  new television and online media shows promote industry innovation and integration with traditional cooking and reality shows
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