Spiritus Law’s Founding Partner Marbet Lewis Presents at St. Thomas Law Solo & Small Firm Practice Program CLE Series

FLORIDA – September 10, 2019 – Marbet Lewis Co-Founding Partner of Spiritus Law presents at St. Thomas Law Solo & Small Firm Practice Program CLE Series, Thursday, September 19, 2019, “Tiny but Mighty! Standing out in the Legal Crowd & Adding Value to Your Services.”  Marbet will discuss with St. Thomas Law alumni small and solo practitioners on the importance of building an effective BRAND.

“A brand, at its core, reflects the personalities of the people behind the business. Subsequently, your brand should be fundamentally tied to who you are. It should be authentically you. As the owner of a small law firm, you have the luxury of sharing this authenticity with the world,” said Marbet Lewis, Founding Partner.


About St. Thomas Law Solo and Small Firm Practice Program

Established in June 2016, the St. Thomas Law Solo and Small Firm Practice Program offer a select group of entrepreneurial-minded, Florida-Bar licensed, recent St. Thomas Law graduates ongoing training and valuable networking experiences to help build their professional careers as small firm/solo practitioners. Designed to accelerate the successful development of newly admitted lawyers through an “incubator” concept, the Solo and Small Firm Practice Program encourages and supports its graduates by providing substantive and skills training workshops, coaching in marketing and business development, financial support, mentoring support, and networking opportunities. Per the program’s requirements and in spirit with the mission of St. Thomas University, the attorneys give back to the community by satisfying a requisite amount of 50 pro bono hours. Upon completion of the program, attorneys will transition to growing their law firms on their own and will, in turn, become graduates of the incubator program. As they “graduate” from the program, they will become well-trained and well-prepared practitioners who proudly represent St. Thomas Law and give back to their respective communities.


About Spiritus Law:

Spiritus Law is a business law firm focusing on specific, highly complex areas of law that require dedicated effort and long-term practical experience. The firm focuses primarily on food and alcohol licensing and regulatory laws, regulatory and business compliance guidance and business law and litigation. Spiritus also combines a unique blend of professionals, including attorneys, government consultants, licensing assistants and paralegals for the dedicated representation of alcohol industry clients across all three tiers of the industry with a focus on supplier and retailer representation. The firm provides comprehensive alcohol industry representation focused on industry innovation and expansion. Spiritus strives to be at the forefront of emerging industry trends and the refashioning of traditional concepts for Fortune 500 companies and individual entrepreneurs. Spiritus professionals have helped shape alcoholic beverage regulations for over 45 years at the federal and state level. Through its commitment to diversity and community outreach, Spiritus Law is able to bring its diverse experience to a vast array of clients and legal matters.


Core Practice Areas:


Primary areas of practice include alcohol law and regulated industries, business and regulatory compliance services, business transactions, and business law and litigation. The Alcohol Industry Group focuses on providing complete food and alcohol licensing and regulatory services in the development of licensing structures and business operational guidelines for the manufacturing, importation, purchase and retail sale and service of alcoholic beverages. The firm’s alcohol industry services are comprehensive with attention to all aspects of business permitting and compliant operations for foreign and domestic manufacturers, importers and retailers including package stores, large box retailers, online retailers, restaurants, movie


theaters with alcohol service, hotels and lodging establishments, arenas and stadiums, and other entertainment, hospitality and foodservice clients.

Cross-Border Work:


Spiritus Law’s well-established alcohol industry group works with clients and industry members domestically and abroad, with active clients in Latin America, Europe, and the Caribbean Islands. Spiritus assists with alcohol industry import/export matters, licensing, distribution, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and coordination of new product approvals and branding.

Learn more about Spiritus Law at spirituslaw.com.



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